Louisiana Primary Attracting National Attention

Mar 4, 2016

The nation’s attention turns to Louisiana ahead of tomorrow’s primary. Presidential candidates are making campaign appearances throughout the state.

Republicans are scrambling votes tomorrow. Donald Trump is holding a rally tonight in New Orleans. Ted Cruz will meet supporters about the same time in Mandeville. Marco Rubio was planning a Baton Rouge appearance but canceled to concentrate in other states. Ohio Governor John Kasich met with supporters in Metairie last month.

Democrats are also hoping to sway voters. Former President Bill Clinton is campaigning in New Orleans later this morning for his wife.

University of New Orleans political science professor Ed Chervenak explains their motivation.

“Party doesn’t necessarily play a role. It’s more about the candidates and the issues they’re espousing, and their effort to collect as many delegates as they can," he said. "Rubio and Cruz do not want to see a big Trump win because that means he gets a greater proportion of the delegates.”   

It’s a proportional primary, meaning the amount of delegates they get depends on how many votes they get. The vital “winner take all” primaries begin later this month, including the delegate-rich states of Texas and Florida.