Louisiana lawmakers react to State of the Union

Jan 25, 2012

Louisiana officials have been reacting to President Obama’s State of the Union address. Eileen Fleming reports lawmakers took note of his call for a diverse energy policy.


Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu says Louisiana is at the forefront of the nation’s oil and gas industry, but is also open to alternative sources.

“We still are not producing the oil domestically that we need. We’re still importing too much foreign oil, so increasing environmentally – you know – safeguards, with the right safeguards, which many have in place, producing the energy that we need, both traditional fossil fuels and clean energy sources is something that can create a lot of jobs.”  

Republican Congressman Jeff Landry of New Iberia said in a statement slamming the president’s policies that his administration’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline cost thousands of jobs and cheaper energy.