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12:27 pm
Fri March 15, 2013

Listener Addie Martin on Why She Contributes a Dollar a Day to WWNO

Addie Martin, on why she's a dollar-a-day member of WWNO.

Local food blogger Addie Martin has been a WWNO listener for nearly a decade, and listens more now than she ever has before.

"I really love the new shows during the day," Martin says. "Some are the call-in shows, some are the interviews, just one-on-one — a good variety of topics, they're always very timely and interesting guests."

Martin says in the last few years she's really found herself increasing the amount of time she listens to WWNO every day. And if she misses a show, she'll catch it on podcast. It's why she and her husband are dollar-a-day members.

"I find, as the time passes, I just keep increasing my usage. Especially with the format change, I find myself starting listening at 7 a.m. and find myself until almost 4 o'clock — when I pick up my husband from work, I've been listening all day."

Martin is just starting out as a food blogger, and isn't getting paid for the work she's doing right now. However, she says that she can't help but contribute to public radio, even in this tough economy.

"I feel very strongly about supporting public radio, and I feel definitely that it's up to the listeners to keep supporting public radio and keep it going."

Check out Addie's Culicurious blog. While you're reading, keep WWNO on in the background, and remember to become a dollar-a-day member yourself. Find out how by clicking here.