Libyan Couple Reacts to Rebels Taking Tripoli

New Orleans, Louisiana – Four months ago, Eve Abrams interviewed Tarejk and Arwa Rtaimi, a Libyan couple living in New Orleans in order to attend the University of New Orleans. When Libya broke out in Civil War, Tarejk and Arwa felt trapped. Their twin sons, then 18 months old, stayed in Tripoli with their family, and their communication home was limited by what they could safely say.

This past weekend, rebel fighters entered Tripoli, the capital of Libya and a vital stronghold of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Six thousand miles away, in New Orleans, two Libyans were glued to the news from home, and Eve Abrams paid them a visit and to hear about their hopes for a new future.

Khaled Hegazzi translates.