Letten Joining Tulane Law Staff

Feb 15, 2013

Former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten is preparing to re-enter the world of academics. He will become an assistant dean at Tulane Law School.

Letten is returning to Tulane, where he earned his law degree in 1979. He’ll be working with administrators to expand practical-skills training in several programs.

“My primary role will not be faculty. It will be staff. And so, in the coordination role, I’ll actually be working with the folks who are the coordinators of these various programs. I will, however, get the opportunity to teach a class, which I am looking forward to because through my whole career some of the most enjoyable things that I have done have actually been lecturing and teaching.”   

Letten retired in December after more than 11 years as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District. He left after two of his top staffers had posted anonymous online comments about federal cases handled by his own office. The two are now gone, and Letten says he remains proud of his former staff.

“The people there are wonderful. I’m cheering for them every day and they’re going to keep doing great things.”  

Letten says it was important to him that he stay in New Orleans, where he grew up. He’ll be starting his new job later this month.