Laughing It Up With Don Vappie

Jun 20, 2013

Credit Derek Bridges / Flickr

This is an unofficial test from the staff of Music Inside Out. Remember, this is ONLY a test:

Question: Who's funnier? 

A. Bruce Springsteen
B. Bob Dylan
C. Laurel and Hardy
D. Don Vappie
E. I hate tests.

If you answered D (sorry, Bruce!), move to the front of the class and then settle back for a musical belly laugh. Don Vappie is a multi-instrumentalist and founder of the Creole Jazz Serenaders. He joins us for an hour of good fun. Expect performances by Laurel and Hardy, Bob Dylan and the great Vappie himself, whose many recordings include an ode to the onion.

You can't take this music and explain it without explaining the whole of life in this culture.


We put together a playlist for you to stream based on the music heard on today's program. For a list of all the music on the show, download [.ppf] the complete playlist here.