Katrina Levee Breaches May Get National Historical Markers

New Orleans, La. – The locations of two levee breaks that occurred during Hurricane Katrina are on their way to becoming places of national recognition for their historic value. Levees-dot-org is leading the effort for getting the National Register of Historic Places to mark the 17th Street and Industrial Canal breaks. New Orleans City Council Vice President Arnie Fielkow says it's vital that people understand what caused the flooding after Katrina.

"It was not an act of God that destroyed thousands and thousands of our properties and homes and businesses. It was not an act of God that unfortunately took the lives of more than 1,500 people. It was the negligence, unfortunately, of own government. We have to continue to tell that story in as honest and a public a fashion that we can."

Levees-dot-org founder Sandy Rosenthal says the state must approve the sites, and is depending on research the group provided. The document is available on the levees-dot-org website. The public can comment on the findings before a state panel hears the request in August. The proposal then heads to federal agencies.