Juan De Marcos And The Afro-Cuban All Stars: Dig That 'Dundunbanza'

Mar 2, 2013
Originally published on July 7, 2014 3:22 pm

Many music lovers know Juan de Marcos González as the man who teamed up with guitarist Ry Cooder to create Buena Vista Social Club. But González was busy celebrating the history of Cuban music long before Cooder arrived on the scene.

Concurrently with the Buena Vista project, González was recording an album with his own band, The Afro-Cuban All Stars. The orchestra now contains expatriate Cuban musicians, young and old alike, from around the world.

During a recent visit to Seattle, the orchestra stopped by for a three-song studio session at Jazz24 — and, as host Abe Beeson says, "If this music doesn't move you, you've got no place to go."

Set List

  • "Dundunbanza" (Arsenio Rodriguez)
  • "El Son de Baloy" (Felix Baloy)
  • "El Cuarto de Tula" (Sergio Siaba)


  • Interviewer: Abe Beeson
  • Photos: Justin Steyer
  • Video: KCTS 9 for Jazz24
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