Jindal Speaks to Tax Plan Opposition

Mar 28, 2013

More stakeholders are turning their noses up at the governor’s plan to eliminate income and franchise taxes in favor of raising and broadening the sales tax.

House Minority Leader John Bel Edwards said the plan is a play from a national conservative think tank that will look good to voters in other states, if the governor decides to run for national office. His caucus thinks it will hurt low- and middle-income families, as well as small business, like those in the tourism industry.

The Louisiana Association for Business and Industry released a statement saying it will oppose any change to the system that raises tax on businesses.

The governor spoke to opposition at an unrelated press conference. “The only people defending the status quo are those with lobbyists and lawyers," Jindal said, "that have gotten them loopholes and want to protect those loopholes.”

No bill for any part of the tax reform package has been filed. The House Ways and Means committee will get more details on the changes to severance tax on April 4.

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