Jindal Pushes Presidential Commission To Help End Drilling Ban

New Orleans, La. – Jindal says the moratorium could be disastrous for an economy that depends on
supporting deepwater drilling. He made the point directly to two panel members visiting New Orleans.

"Many of these smaller businesses are seeing reduced business, They're seeing their employees having to have fewer hours and take pay cuts to survive, and the uncertainty is what's driving a lot of their fears."

Commission Co-chair, former Florida Senator Bob Graham, says the panel isn't authorized to advise the White House on the ban.

"The moratorium is not in our sweet spot of assignment. But we have recognized its importance to the people of this community."

The American Petroleum Institute says only a few of the 33 rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico, but more could leave if the ban continues.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.