Jindal Diverts Funds For Coastal Projects; Will Bill BP

New Orleans, La. – Governor Jindal says the money will be spent on reestablishing oyster beds, building sand fences, planting vegetation and setting up artificial reefs along the shoreline.

"We urge BP to follow our lead. Replenish these funds as quickly as possible. Help fund other steps to restore our coast. I encourage BP to truly make it right."

No word yet from BP if it plans to pay for the projects. The state has been asking for money to repair oyster beds damaged by freshwater diversions done to flush oil away from wetlands. And Jindal says more than 300 miles of shoreline are still coated in oil.

"Much, much more work needs to be done by BP to ensure that our coast is restored. I have no doubt we're going to come back from the effects of this spill stronger than we were before."

Federal approval is needed for the reallocation, but Jindal's coastal adviser Garret Graves says officials are willing to make the move.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming