Jindal Clears National Guard to Protect Lafayette Funerals For Shooting Victims

Jul 25, 2015

Governor Bobby Jindal is authorizing the state National Guard to protect the funerals for two women killed at a movie theater shooting. Law enforcement says the Westboro Baptist Church has indicated it plans to stage protests.

Theater shooting gunman John Russell Houser, who took his own life in Thursday’s attack in Lafayette, is believed to be a supporter of the controversial church group.

Westboro members have protested at funerals for fallen soldiers because the military accepts gay members.  A Jindal spokesman says state police learned that Westboro is planning to disrupt funeral services for the two women Houser killed. Investigators say Houser supported Westboro along with pro-Nazi groups.

Jindal’s executive order also calls for flags to be flown at half-staff until the end of the month to honor the shooting victims.