Incoming UNO President Wants Better Marketing of UNO Brand

Dec 12, 2011

The University of Louisiana Board of Supervisors has unanimously selected Peter Fos as the new president of the University of New Orleans. 

Fos graduated from UNO in 1972. He's now the director of health policy and system management at LSU Health Sciences Center. After he was selected at the supervisors' Baton Rouge meeting, Fos said his first priority is improving the UNO brand.

"We need to have the student body number back up to pre-Katrina numbers. And so we need to really market the university and do more recruiting, which the institutional report says that doesn't happen. And we need to go to areas where New Orleanians used to live and now live somewhere else, like the Northshore. Most people from St. Bernard live in the Northshore. We have to go there and actually recruit and tell them Well, come back to your home university — UNO.' And also try to get the high-ability students in New Orleans now who are leaving, to try to make UNO their first choice."

Fos says he also wants to improve working relationships with the city, the business community and other area colleges to better coordinate programs encouraging higher education. Fos says he expects his first day on the new job will be within 60 days.