Ice Cream: Red, White, or Rosé?

Mar 28, 2014
Originally published on March 28, 2014 3:38 pm

Louisiana is known as a foodie paradise, but wine ice cream--one of the latest gourmet trends--can’t be sold here without a change in the current alcohol laws. Monroe Representative Marcus Hunter’s bill to allow sales of the new product was heard in the House Judiciary Committee Friday, and members were quick with the quips.

“So, ‘DWI’ could now mean ‘driving while ice creamed’?” Representative Rob Shadoin of Ruston asked Hunter.

Opelousas Representative Ledricka Thierry wondered, “Have you ever sampled any of this wine ice cream?”

“I am currently dieting, Representative Thierry,” Hunter responded.

A recent opinion by the Attorney General’s office said that statewide alcohol regulations prohibit any alcohol-infused ice creams, and Hunter told the committee that even includes one of Louisiana’s signature desserts.

“Bananas Foster is essentially illegal,” Hunter said.

Committee members had some serious questions, too, raising concerns about the alcohol content of the frozen confection. Steve Duke, a lobbyist for Buzz Bar, told them the manufactured ice creams contain less than 3-percent alcohol.

“You’ll either get brain freeze or OD on sugar before you do on alcohol content,” Duke said.

The committee was also worried about minors buying the product.

“It just seems strange to have to present an ID to buy ice cream,” Shadoin observed.

The bill was voluntarily deferred to allow time to add amendments regarding minors and establishing a maximum allowable alcohol content. The new version of the bill will be heard on April 10th, allowing committee members to come up with fresh jokes.

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