Hubig's Pies

New Orleans, LA – Can I share with you a little secret? Farmers markets may operate for only a few hours a week in each location. What you may not realize is that the relationships established beneath the tents and umbrellas carry on long past the closing bell. One example of this is the relationship between Poplarville's J&D Blueberry Farm and Hubig's Pies. Our city's beloved century long Simon Hubig Pie Company is owned by the Bowman and Ramsey families who when not frying shop at markets. This summer, they were in search of lots of frozen blueberries for their blueberry pie. And I mean lots of berries. Long story, short, lookout for Hubig's blueberry pie. It features the taste of our region long after the closing bells at our region's farmers markets. Visit to find farmers markets, fried pies, and the good life.