House Appropriations Committee Seeks State Employee Input

Mar 25, 2013

After hearing from department heads and state higher-ups, State Rep. John Schroder wants to hear from state employees on how to get Louisiana’s fiscal house in order.

The House Appropriations Committee has been methodically sifting through Gov. Jindal’s 2013-2014 budget since March 12th and will continue doing so in the weeks to come. As the committee continues going down the department checklist, Schroder now wants the involvement and input from actual state employees.

“These are the people who are doing the job” said Schroder. “No one could possibly give us more insight than them.”

In order to achieve the involvement of state employees in the Committee’s discussion, Schroder has set up an email address and is encouraging state employees to contribute their ideas on improving government efficiency.

State employees can send their remarks to , or come in person to voice their opinion during the final two days of the Committee’s discussion when the floor will be open to the entire public.

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