Homeowners frustrated with Chinese drywall problems

New Orleans, La. – The meeting was arranged by Congressman Joseph Cao. It included representatives of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Louisiana Recovery Authority. They said health and safety studies are under way on the effects of drywall that gives off toxic fumes. Maureen Gillane of Covington is convinced that the 165 pieces of Chinese drywall installed after Hurricane Katrina damage is eating away at her home and made her family sick.
Others asked when there would be guidelines on what needs to be done to remediate the problems, or if the gasses the drywall gives off will ultimately eat away at the nails and joints keeping a house together. State Senator Julie Quinn urged people to report problems, despite worries that the information would make their homes worthless or result in insurance companies canceling policies.
Attorney Daniel Becnel is part of a class-action lawsuit involving about 21-hundred plaintiffs headed by New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.
A test case involving a handful of plaintiffs is set to begin next month in federal court in New Orleans.