Hey, This Building's Moving — We Need A Soundtrack

Apr 27, 2012

I like to gaze out the window, but these days I'm not alone. What's got many of us staring out the back window of NPR's D.C. office is some serious construction work. Across the street, a construction crew has literally been picking up buildings, putting them on wheels and moving them to the end of the lot. They moved the last of five buildings yesterday. I time-lapsed this one, partly because it has some lore for us at NPR. It was part of a prostitution bust a few years back that also had us staring out the window.

So now I've got this wonderful little time-lapse video that I want to keep watching over and over again. It's kind of hypnotic. And now I'm thinking that what the video really needs is the perfect bit of music. What piece of music would you use to score this moving video?

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