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Jun 25, 2013

WWNO’s expansion of local news coverage is a timely and important development for New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana, and we need your help to sustain it.

“This is critical for our city at this time in our history and with the challenges, and also the opportunities that the city is facing," says WWNO Advisory Board Chair Susan Talley. "We think it’s important for the mission of the station to bring local news to our community, but this kind of news coverage requires man and woman power, technological resources, a lot of time to really get to the bottom of the story and not just gloss over headline grabbing type news. It’s a challenge that the station is facing as we embark on this project.”

And it's a challenge we need you to help overcome.

Your donation will help sustain WWNO’s News Initiative.

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NPR political analyst and New Orleans native Cokie Roberts.
Credit Janet Wilson / WWNO

NPR political analyst and New Orleans native Cokie Roberts echoes the importance to area residents of expanded local news on WWNO: “New Orleans has so many reasons that local news is incredibly important: it’s a major city, a major port, that is not well covered by other news outlets; it has issues with politics, and has had with crime; and thirdly, it has a fabulous cultural scene that is certainly worth learning about and having access to that is not available unless you have local good coverage.”

New Orleans seamstress April Leigh underscores the value of keeping up with local happenings thanks to WWNO’s  coverage. “My boyfriend got accepted to the grad program at Tulane. We moved down and I didn’t know anyone, so it was kind of like, the station’s my new friend in town, which is perfect. There were updates on the things going on in town, or the local shows — it was really nice to be able to know what was happening around town.”

The kind of coverage Susan Talley, Cokie Roberts and April Leigh are talking about is expensive, valuable, important — and mostly paid for by listener contributions to WWNO.

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