Haughton School of Music attracts budding musicians in Bossier Parish

Jan 2, 2014

A new music instruction center in Haughton, La., has attracted more than 70 students for private lessons on instruments like piano, drums and guitar, and demand continues to swell, according to Shana Houston. She opened Haughton School of Music nearly five months ago, and she’s surprised how quickly it’s caught on. She said Bossier Parish families no longer have to drive to Shreveport to get private music lessons.

“It’s just been in my heart for several years to have a place where someone can come under one roof with multiple children and get multiple instruments taught to them, and save the family time from running around on the roads," the mother of three said. 

On Thursday mornings, Houston leads Kindermusik, a music class for babies and toddlers. She has been giving piano and voice lessons for the past 13 years since she graduated from college. She was often asked about where to get private lessons on certain instruments, and she didn’t know of a central place to direct families in Bossier Parish, until she opened her business.

“It’s really hard to find private instructors because they typically don’t advertise or they’re full up. And so, it’s really hard to get in and get lessons and find somewhere to go," Houston said.

Houston hopes to one day outgrow her location in Haughton and open additional music lesson centers in the future.

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