Happy Holidays: Here's How We Were Good This Year

Dec 18, 2013

Hey, this is your friendly public radio News Director, Eve Troeh. I wanted to enlist the help of Ludacris to say happy holidays, and thanks for listening.

It's been a year of big change at WWNO. We've upped our local news content, bringing you more headlines and sounds from around the city every day. With a talented team of staff and freelance reporters, anchors and producers, we've covered stories from the serious to the sentimental, bringing you a greater variety of New Orleans voices than ever before.

Our partnerships with NolaVie and The Lens have come to fruition. That means more critical, comprehensive coverage of local culture through NolaVie, as well as our compelling narrative series with sources in their own words: Voices on Violence, Voices from the Classroom, Voices on the Arts.

With The Lens we have talented producer Janaya Williams working with investigative print reporters, like Pulitzer Prize-winner Bob Marshall, to translate their work to radio. That partnership also means you hear more daily stories city government, land use, environment and schools.

Reporter/producer Eve Abrams has brought a fresh perspective to our Community Impact series, taking you inside the work of local nonprofits, not just talking about it.

And of course there's our community project The Listening Post, a collaboration with international development group Internews and Jesse Hardman. It's allowed us to put three sculptural listening stations, designed by Jacques Duffourc, around the city to capture your thoughts.

The new year will bring increased coverage in two important areas. Thanks to grants we'll be stepping up WWNO's ability to report on education and coastal issues.

Stay tuned. It's gonna be a good year for local news. Hang those stockings with care, everybody.