Grilling Fruit

Jul 7, 2012

If your holiday barbecue embers are still glowing with heat, consider joining the throng of chefs who have discovered the joys of grilling fruit.

A decade ago, it was exciting to simply taste savory salads that feature watermelon, peaches and figs. Today, that seems pedestrian. I marvel at how chefs are finding ways to grill summer fruit and how to pair them. Among the surprises is grilled watermelon.

It’s a thing of beauty to see melon etched with grill marks. Imagine the sweet, liquid smoke of watermelon juice atop a green salad or served with grilled meat or cheeses. While figs and pork are often paired together, charbroiled figs take tenderloin dishes to an entirely different level.

Whichever fruit you choose, grill in volume. The more healthy, summer fruit you consume, the better. For the WWNO Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.