Governor Jindal Pleads for Sand Barrier Project to Continue

New Orleans, La. – Governor Jindal says he's called the White House and Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, pleading for permission to keep building sand barriers to protect wetlands. But the US Army Corps of Engineers' decision to stop work remains in place. The Interior Department says the state isn't following the approved plans, and is simply shifting sand from one fragile ecosystem to another. Jindal says the state will do what the Corps says and get sand from another area, but needs to keep building the barrier now to block approaching oil.

"We're not asking for additional funding. We're not asking for additional resources. We said we'll do that. So we're not ignoring their concerns, but we're saying, Don't stop the dredging in the meantime.' "

Jindal says 200 miles of Louisiana coastline are now contaminated, and more oil is expected to come ashore in the next few days.
For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.