GOP Primary Draws Candidates to Louisiana

Mar 23, 2012

Louisiana Republicans heading for the polls tomorrow will be getting more national attention than in past contests. The head of the G-O-P in the state is certain the primary will strengthen Louisiana’s presence in the presidential contest.

State Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere  says more presidential candidates are actively campaigning in Louisiana. Twenty delegates of the state’s 46 are at stake in tomorrow’s proportional primary.

“We actually felt extremely good because we’re really at the half-way point in the nominating process. And by doing that we’ve become a state that is highly sought after because of the publicity of winning the primary and then obviously also the need to get delegates. Right now all the candidates are really trying hard to get delegates.”  

Delegates are awarded to candidates receiving 25 percent or more of the statewide primary vote.

“We probably won’t get a lot of time in from the Republican nominee during the general election because we have become a red state.”  

The remaining delegates will be decided at a caucus next month.