FRIDAY: Andy Anderson, Kimberly Willis Holt, State Senator Elbert Guillory, Nature Conservancy

Apr 25, 2014

Stock Market Analyst Andy Anderson joins Jim to talk about the state of money and markets. What to buy, what to sell.

Children's literature writer Kimberly Willis Holt chats about her books and the way she's been inspired by Louisiana and her childhood home, Forest Hill. Her first novel is titled, "My Louisiana Sky," which was also made into a film.  Holt has a new book out, Dinner at the High Brows, and will be a keynote speaker at the LSU Young Adult Literature Conference & Seminar June 2nd-6th.  Kimberly and Jim attended LSU together and they share a few old memories.

Opelousas State Senator Elbert Guillory tells Jim he's "all in" for a run at Lt. Governor. Of course he also addresses the famous "chicken boxing" issue which was recently highlighted by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert. Guillory continues to defend the legitimate sport of "chicken boxing" as a bill moves through the legislature that seeks to expand the state's ban on cockfighting.

Joe Bastian & Lisa Creasman with the Nature Conservancy go on-air to discuss conservation threats at the largest scale and in Louisiana.

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