Former NOPD Officer Testifies At Glover Trial

New Orleans, La. – Henry Glover was shot as he approached a strip mall that was being used by police days after the storm. Prosecutors say Glover was unarmed. The officer maintains he thought Glover was a looter reaching for a gun. Glover, along with his brother and a friend, were driven by a passerby to a makeshift police headquarters at a school for help. But the men say they were beaten by police and a wounded Glover driven off in the Good Samaritan's car. The car was later found burned out, with Glover's charred remains inside. A former officer has testified that his colleague accused of shooting Glover said after the incident that looters are - quote - "animals and they deserved to be shot." - unquote. The case is one of several investigations by the Justice Department into allegations of police misconduct after Hurricane Katrina.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.