Flooding Causes Closures At Area Schools

Aug 16, 2016

For many local college students, the last few days of August were supposed to be spent moving into dorms. But heavy rains and floods around Baton Rouge have put a hold on those plans.

Meg Mathis is ready for the transition from her New Orleans home to her freshman dorm at LSU. She purchased new bedding - a neutral color, so it doesn’t clash with whatever it her roommate brings. She went and stayed with her grandma in Florida for a week, so she’d get a feel for what it’s like to live away from home. But after all that, she may have to wait a little longer. “A part of me feels like okay I’ve waited for this for so long, like come on.”

The LSU campus was closed Monday and early check-in is canceled. The campus is only open partially today for intercession.

Spokesperson Kristine Calogne Sanders says students should be able to move in this Wednesday. But she’s holding off on making a formal announcement for now. “For students who are in a safe and dry location, if they can just stay where they are until they hear from us that it’s okay to move in, that would be best,” says Sanders.

Sanders knows some students and families are coming from out of state and can’t change their travel plans. If they're here, she says, they can move in. There are already about 1,400 students on the LSU campus, which received minimal water damage. Nearby Southern University postponed its convocation because of the floods and turned its basketball arena into a temporary shelter, run by the Red Cross.

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