Fishing Industry Braces for Oil

New Orleans, La. – Mike Voisin of the Gulf Oyster Industry Council board, lives a few miles from the company's command center in Houma.
"We're working to try to get the fishing community engaged in the clean up, We have a flotilla of harvest vessels down here and they skim and work the bays and bayous and lakes and Gulf for seafood.. They could also help in the clean-up."
Voisin says oyster beds are about 50 miles inland, but others in the fishing industry are at a more immediate risk.
"There may be some curtailment of the shrimp harvest in the areas where oil is, and even some impact on some of the juvenile shrimp."
Shrimp harvesting is set to being in a few weeks.

For NPR News, I'm Eileen Fleming in New Orleans.