FEMA Trailer Litigation Nears End

May 29, 2012

A deal has been reached to resolve nearly all of the remaining court claims from allegations that government-issued trailers exposed Gulf Coast residents to hazardous fumes after Hurricane Katrina.

Lead plaintiffs' attorney Gerald Meunier told The Associated Press on Monday that a class-action settlement agreement has been expanded to include several companies that manufactured, installed or refurbished FEMA trailers after the 2005 storm.

A proposed settlement announced in April called for nearly two dozen manufacturers to pay $14.8 million to resolve claims over elevated formaldehyde levels in FEMA trailers following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Meunier said the deal has been expanded to include other companies that will pay an undisclosed amount.

Texas residents' claims against FEMA would be the only related claims still pending if a judge approves the deal.