Farmers Market Minute 11-14-09

Nov 13, 2009

New Orleans, LA – We send birthday greetings this morning to the one-year-old Lower Nine Sankofa Marketplace. Inspired by the West African mythological bird that flies forward while looking backwards, this monthly market combines cultural preservation with forward-looking recovery. Open from 1 until 4 pm at the corner of Caffin and St. Claude Avenues, today, it will also feature a public art dedication, the St. Aug Marching Band, the Untouchables Car Club, and a tribute to the Legends of the Automotive World. Among those honored is Truman Guichard, a Hot Rod living legend. Located just a stone's throw from St. Bernard Parish, the market features Chalmette shrimpers Ricky and Suzie Robbins. For more info., log onto