Farmers Market Lenten Fare

Feb 20, 2010

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute When New Orleans East fisherman Pete Gerica returns to his dock in Irish Bayou, wife and farmers marketeer Clara is waiting to handle the bycatch that lightens the Lenten load. On the Catholic calendar, six weeks of restraint are meant to follow the carnivorous season of excess. Regardless of one's religious affiliation, Lent (like Carnival) provides plenty of room for all to share in the culinary rhythm of the season. Nowhere is this more on display than at our region's farmers markets. Here's where you'll find fillets of drum or sea brim (what was once known as sheepshead before it got a marketing makeover). If you're one of the home cooks you find shopping at the Westwego Fish and Farmers Market, you're in search of fillets for pan saut in butter and olive oil. With seafood like ours, Lent and suffering are unrelated. For recipes and info, log onto

For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.