Fall Member Drive In Full Swing!

Oct 21, 2013


Doug Christian, Jack Curry, Cristian Boise, Kim Bellinger, Natalie Seaton, Georgette Ioup, Nicholas Gremillion and Whitney Marshall — you guys help public radio in New Orleans thrive! And, you also make our day brighter. Thank you! And thanks to all of you for calling today. We up here in the pledge room have formulas, goals and road maps for the week, but each day brings something that is always off the chart and it is so nice to share the experience with WWNO volunteers. If you want to volunteer please email jwilson@wwno.org. Thanks to Café Granada, Reginelli’s, Whole Foods, and PJ’s Coffee and Tea for providing our sustenance.

During the membership drive our on-air personalities do what we call “pitching” — we aren’t supposed to use that word outside the studio but sometimes it slips — it is an apt, literal description, but it doesn’t encompass the emotional toll it takes. We all know that you would rather be listening to our superb, quality programming, but this necessary break is an important factor in keeping WWNO on the air. If you are one of our listeners that changes the channel during the drive — hold off next time and listen to our hosts as they tell you why it is important to pledge. The message is truly heartfelt for each and every person that steps up to the microphone, and when the phone lines are active they beam with pride. Thanks to Katy Caraway, Peter Ricchiuti, Ros Wingerter, Diane Mack, James Arey, Fred Kasten, Paul Maassen, Sarah Burnette, Susan Talley, Susan Larson, Eve Troeh, Farrar Hudkins, Phyllis Jordan, Jack Hopke, Cecile Monteyne, Chris Kaminstein and Sharon Litwin.


Wow! What a Monday. Thanks to everyone that called in and special thanks to those that got James’ joke about time traveling. We made the goal to get the match (thank you!) but we fell short of our overall goal for the morning. You can help us make up that shortage by pledging online right now — hit that “Support Now” button on the top right side of this page or click here

WWNO is honored to have a devoted volunteer crew and we would be hard pressed to accomplish our goals without their help, especially during the Membership Drive. Answering the phones this morning were Doug Christian, Jack Curry, Mike Bowman and Natalie Seaton — thanks!!! Monday mornings are traditionally hard, for everyone, even folks not trying to fund community radio, but despite that (and with the help of coffee) we had a good time.


Many thanks to Peter Ricchiuti, Katy Caraway, Roz Wingerter, Fred Kasten, Cheryll Calato, Karen Snyder, Lucy Rosenbloom, Nicholas Gremillion and Whitney Marshall. The news from the phone bank room is much sunnier than the gloomy day outside of it! Whole Foods and Café Degas offered sustenance for the heavy lifting of those phones and coffee mugs filled with PJ’s coffee. The phone lines went crazy with our late morning dollar-for-dollar match, so thanks to you for donating today.


Full phonage this morning… thanks to our six great volunteers: Beverly Barry, Jeff Brinkman, Julianne LeBlanc, Kathleen Costello, Stephanie Reed and Pam Legge — we love you! The Kick-Off hour is always exciting up here in the phone bank room. There’s tons of energy, lots of noise, good PJ’s coffee and delicious food — but it’s your enthusiasm and support that makes New Orleans Public Radio a reality.

Thanks to La Divina Gelateria, Reginelli’s, Café Granada, Café Degas, PJ’s coffee and Tea, The Rendon Inn’s Dugout Sports Bar and Grill, La Boulangerie and Whole Foods.

Have you heard our new testimonials yet? You can hear them here now and if you feel inspired and want to tell your story send an email to jwilson@wwno.org. We’ve got a fun week of fundraising ahead — yes, I said fun!