Expand Your Culinary Palette

New Orleans, LA – The Vietnamese call them "Chopstick Beans" because they look like chopsticks. And with the heat in full swing this is a great time of year to head out to the New Orleans East's Viet-town for it's early morning Saturday farmer's market. Grab a refreshing sweetened iced coffee or bubble tea and search out these amazing yardlong beans before the day heats up. Thin as a chopstick and found in a variety of green hues, it's also know as asparagus green, presumably for it's length. As to the size, it's not quite a yard in length, but theses beans are crazy long, surprisingly tender and for the backyard grower, they're dead easy to plant from seed. In our heat you can all but watch them grow, so they need to be harvested daily. Cook them just as you would green beans. High in Vitamin C and protein, they're deliciuos. For the WWNO Farmer's Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.