Entrepreneur Magazine Highlights New Orleans

New Orleans, La. – The article is called "New Orleans Saints" but it's not about football. It's about cutting-edge companies taking hold in the city, and driving the recovery.
One is iSeatz.com, which supports online travel and entertainment businesses.
Founder Kenneth Purcell said it's also supporting the city itself.
He said he moved his company from New York back to New Orleans, where he grew up, because he saw potential. He worries that current momentum now needs stronger political leadership.
Across the room at the reception was Mayor Ray Nagin, who says giving start-ups room to grow is vital.
Scott Couvilllon (coo-vee-yon) started with Trumpet Ventures, which helped entrepreneurs find what they needed. Now he's working for one of those companies.
Tim Williamson of The Idea Village clearinghouse for new ventures said start-up success stories in New Orleans didn't happen overnight.
The magazine outlines tax incentives that many start-ups have used to get from concept to operation, and the support that's available from professional networks.