Eggstra! Eggstra!

New Orleans, LA –

Hi, this is Richard McCarthy with the WWNO Farmers Market Minute With Easter just around the corner, what a great time to talk about eggs. Back in the 20th Century, we got properly trained to accept white shelled eggs as the standard. Today, at nearly every farmers market, you'll find white, brown, green and blue eggs. The green and blue are hatched by Chilean Araconda chickens. They're the cute ones with fluffy legs. Recently, we've also learned to love French Black Copper Marans eggs. Their shells are like their name - a deep brown copper color. A rare find in the US, this variety was popularized in the French Atlantic town of La Rochelle at a fair in 1914. They have since become relatively pedestrian throughout France. However, the real story is the inside. Regardless of the color of the shell, market eggs have thick shells reflecting the health of the hens. And the yokes? They're almost fluorescent orange in color. And the flavor? You'll never forget it.

For more info, log onto WWNO dot org. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.