Eat Local Challenge

New Orleans, LA – Join a burgeoning crowd of locavores this June to take the "Eat Local Challenge." Whether you are driven by taste, ecology, or just love challenges, more and more diners are developing a hankering for the taste of place. Nolalocavores is a group of culinary activists. They have issued the challenge to reenact the Bienville Rule for 30 days. What's the Bienville Rule? Back in 1700s, settlers learned how to balance their foreign tastes with the local splendor of exotic plants and critters. You too can revisit the indigenous delicacies of poke salad, ramps, blue crabs, and a growing bounty offered at our region's farmers markets. To learn how to register, enter a recipe contest, and win prizes, log onto wwno dot org. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.