Do me a fava!

New Orleans, LA – Do me a fava. Promise me this spring that you will consider cooking with fresh fava beans. These are the iconic but rarely consumed lucky beans of St. Joseph's Day. In Sicilian folklore, these beans fed generations of peasants. Whether you're peasant or landed gentry, this bean is the business. High in protein, it's good for you. Tender yet gargantuan, it is full of flavor. Consider this: Saut with white wine and garlic, then toss with pasta. Keep it simple and cook it quickly. Now, here's the skinny. Once you remove the bean from the green, leathery pod, you've got two options: Peel the outer skin of the bean for cooking or pop them back raw. In fact, I tend to eat most of the favas at the kitchen counter while shucking. For the Farmers Market Minute, this is Richard McCarthy.