Deet-Free Ways To Ward Off Bugs

May 2, 2013

The thunderstorms are rolling through, the humidity’s rising, and we all know what’s next… bugs. Ones that bite, ones that sting, ones that just gross you out. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common: they will do whatever they can to get up in your home and all over you and your precious skin. But, as The Green Project reminded us this week, the simple solution isn't always the best solution.

Buying bug spray and dowsing yourself in DEET is no minor endeavor to the body, and with all of the chemicals we're exposed to daily, why self-inflict one more?

This is where Christal White swoops in to tell of natural options for enjoying the sunshine pest- and deet-free. Nutritionally, you can drink a tablespoon or two of organic apple cider vinegar, or eat lots of garlic [disclaimer necessary here, especially for your loved one(s)]. Vitamin B1 taken daily is also supposed to help repel insects.

For a repellent soap, add 10 drops of essential oils like lemon balm, pennyroyal, lavender, or rose geranium to a liquid Castile soap (hola Dr. Bronner’s) and wash before and after spending time in the great outdoors. You can also combine those same oils with witch hazel tonic or vodka in a spray bottle (re-defining the alcoholic spritzer), or simply dab a few drops of oil on your clothing.

And if that ain’t enough, click here for more DIY natural repellents — You'll be singing along with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in no time.