Deadline Set For FEMA Trailer Removal

Dec 31, 2010

The city of New Orleans is giving notice to residents living in FEMA trailers that it's time to move. Eileen Fleming reports the city wants the trailers issued after Hurricane Katrina five years ago to be removed.

FEMA gave more than 200-thousand trailers to people throughout the Gulf Coast whose homes were damaged by the hurricane and flooding. New Orleans had about 23,000 trailers dotting neighborhoods throughout the city. Many residents chose to move in the units set up outside their damaged homes while they made repairs, but officials say the weathered trailers are now becoming part of the blight it wants to remove.

Residents in more than 200 trailers still parked at their property will be facing fines up to $500 a day starting January 1st. Critics say the plan hurts poor residents still struggling to pay for home repairs. The city says each case will be reviewed, but it wants the trailers gone in the next three months.