Danziger Victim's Brother Sways Judge For Sentence Leniency

New Orleans, LA – Federal prosecutors had recommended that Michael Lohman serve two years instead of the five recommended under federal guidelines. U-S District Judge Ivan Lemelle cut one year off the recommendation, saying it was the request by a brother of one of the two men killed on the bridge that prompted the reduction.
U-S Attorney Jim Letten says he supports the ruling.
"It's not precisely what we asked for, but I think it's certainly a carefully crafted sentence."
After his release, Lohman must to perform 300 hours of community service. It may include sessions with New Orleans police recruit classes where Lohman will review the corrupt investigation he led after the shootings. Lead prosecutor Bobbi Bernstein of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division says victims and their families were aware of leniency requests for officers who cooperated with investigators.
"Every request we've made regarding sentencing, including the request for leniency that we've made on behalf of some of the officers who cooperated, we've made in consultation with them, and with their blessing."
Lohman was the first officer to become a key government witness. Three other officers who pleaded guilty in the case were denied leniency requested by prosecutors.
Lohman is scheduled to begin his prison sentence January 2nd.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming