Danziger Bridge Victim Testifies Police Didn't Shout ID Or Warning Before Shooting

New Orleans, La. – Jose Holmes Junior testified that police officers didn't identify themselves or give any warning before they opened fire. Holmes says he was wounded and lying on the ground when he was shot twice in the stomach at close range. His 17-year-old friend, James Brissette, was shot and killed. His aunt, Susan Bartholomew, had an arm shot off. Defense attorneys argue that police were responding to reports of shots fired at officers. They say they opened fire only after they were shot at. The officer who made the distress call says she heard shots in the area and saw two armed men running toward the Danziger Bridge. In all, two people were killed and four wounded. All were unarmed. Five current or former officers are on trial. Four are charged in the shooting, the fifth accused of a cover up.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming