The Curious Listener: Wait Wait... Pick Me!

Jun 7, 2012
Originally published on October 16, 2012 12:34 pm

If you've ever wondered how to be a contestant on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! you should definitely read this installment of "The Curious Listener" from NPR Listener Services.

Many have tried and many have failed the challenge: answering three questions about the week's news in order to win the coveted prize of having Carl Kasell record the outgoing message on their voice mail or answering machine.

But, hey, at least they got to try, right. Well, turns out that getting your chance to be on the show isn't that complicated — and a little personality can add to the fun as you can see in today's example letter.

P.S. Julia must have taken the response to heart, because a few weeks later we were listening to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and recognized the name of the audience contestant in the 'Who's Carl This Time?' game.

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