Cuba Charter Flights OK'd For New Orleans Airport

New Orleans, La. – U-S Customs and Border Protection is expanding the number of airports that can offer flights to Cuba. Service had been restricted to Miami, New York and Los Angeles.
Armstrong Airport spokeswoman Michelle Wilcut says an application to serve Cuba was made in February.

"We actually have some Census data that shows we actually have the fourth-largest Cuban population for travel."

Wilcut says about 8,500 people in Louisiana have Cuban origins. She says travelers must first establish a family link to Cuba or specific area of study or business that would allow a visit.

"It's not just travel because you want to travel. There's actually regulations on who can go and who cannot go. It's restricted to purposeful travel, is what they call it."

Wilcut says a New Orleans travel service had requested the airport seek permission for Cuban charter flights that the company will arrange privately. Wilcut says details of charter flight service are still being reviewed.
For WWNO, I'm Eileen Fleming.