CONTINUUM: A Sideways Seductive Smile

Any young medieval man would have been entranced to get a Sideways Seductive Smile from a young lady. This is even true of modern times. On this Continuum you’ll hear medieval music written about this. Performing will be three of early music’s noted ensembles. The recordings used are: Cansos de Trobairitz (Hesperion XX) - Virgin VER 5 613102, Llibre Vermell de Monserrat (Hesperion XX) - Virgin VER 5 611742, Music from Christian & Jewish Spain (Hesperion XX) - Virgin Veritas 7243 5 61592 2 8, Diaspora Sephardi (Hesperion XXI) - Aliavox AV9809, and Giulio Caccini, Le Nuove Musiche (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis - dhm 77164-2-RG.