CONTINUUM: As Mozart Heard It?

What did Mozart’s music sound like to him when it was performed during his life time? This Continuum program attempts to answer the question. A few contemporary performers have researched what Mozart may have heard. This program presents performances by some of these contemporaries. The CDs used are: Arien für Sopran (Helen Donath) - ACANTA 43470, Songs of Mozart (Baird & Tilney) - Dorian DOR-90173m, Exsultate Jubilate - Motets (Kirkby & Academy Ancient Music) - L’Oiseau-Lyre 411 832-2, and Mozart Requiem (Figueras et al, La Capella Real de Cataluna, Le Concert des Nations - Savall) - Alia Vox AVSA 9880.