Complaint Filed Against Pro-Vitter Super PAC

Mar 24, 2014

Two groups that advocate for campaign finance reform are raising questions about the operations of a super PAC formed by backers of Republican U.S. Senator David Vitter.

The Advocate reports the groups — Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21, — have asked the Federal Elections Commission to look into the possible solicitation of illegal campaign contributions.

The complaint deals with The Fund for Louisiana's Future, formed by Washington lawyer Charles Spies, which is backing Vitter's run for governor next year. Spies deemed the complaint "frivolous" and cast it as coming from "left-wingers" who target conservatives.

The complaint notes the super PAC's use of the same fundraisers as Vitter's U.S. Senate campaign and says there's been no required disclaimer that the fund's solicitations are not being made by Vitter.