Colleges, Health Care Face Cuts in House Budget

May 15, 2012


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Gov. Bobby Jindal's top budget adviser says the $25 billion budget proposal passed by the House could force steep cuts in public colleges and health care, damaging services.

Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater outlined his concerns Monday to the Senate Finance Committee.

GOP lawmakers in the House forced reductions of $268 million more than the Republican Jindal administration and Democrats want, saying they didn't want to use one-time dollars to pay for ongoing expenses.

The House budget gives a list of places the administration should consider reducing, like travel and supplies, vacant jobs and consulting contracts — but gives Rainwater's office the discretion to choose.

Rainwater says he couldn't reach the savings needed from each of those items and would have to make deep reductions to colleges and health programs.