City Drops Charity Hospital Renovation

Jun 12, 2014

The plan to renovate Charity Hospital appears to be dead.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the soaring construction estimate along with a lack of state money caused him to abandon the concept.

He says the city can’t afford the project.

The old Charity Hospital has been shuttered since Hurricane Katrina.
Credit Erin Krall / WWNO

In a statement, the mayor said he could not “in good faith” ask the city to assume a $200 million debt when that money could be used for long-overdue street repairs.

He says he will now invest FEMA and capital funding into City Hall and the Civil District Court buildings to make them more efficient and safe.

Landrieu wanted to renovate Charity to house City Hall and Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

He got $13 million last year from the state. This year’s budget didn’t have any money set aside for the project.

The mayor says estimates for renovations and repairs approached $400 million.

Charity has been closed since Hurricane Katrina.