Chris Thile

Mar 2, 2017

For the first ever live recording of Music Inside Out, Gwen caught up with the prodigious and prolific Chris Thile at the George and Joyce Wein Jazz and Heritage Center. He’s barely 36 years-old, but already boasts a lifetime’s worth of achievements. He started learning mandolin as a kindergartener. Three years later, he co-founded the platinum-selling Nickel Creek with his friends Sara and Sean Watkins. The band would become a groundbreaking force in acoustic music. He’s gone on to record with Edgar Meyerthe Punch BrothersBrad Meldhau, and Yo-Yo Ma, and most recently he’s taken over as host of A Prairie Home Companion.

While Thile is most recognized for his technical virtuosity in playing and composing, he’s not content to simply be what he calls a “finger-waggler.” Instead, he sees virtuosity as “a tool that can be used in the service of good music-making”