Chop Top Road Rally Drivers Donate Homemade Convertibles To WWNO

Mar 27, 2018

Join WWNO on Tuesday evening, March 27, at the 2018 "Chop Top Challenge," a road rally in which drivers from around the country chop the tops off their cars and drive their home-made convertibles from Chicago to New Orleans. Why are we interested? Many of these drivers are planning to donate their vehicles to WWNO after they arrive!

 Pictured here on the road is rally organizer Joe Wilcox, a Chicago-area high school teacher, and his teammates. Learn more about this unorthodox road rally at See the cars and meet the drivers at the awards party, which begins at 4:00pm outside The Joint, 701 Mazant Street in Bywater. The rally concludes with a parade rolling at 6:00pm through Bywater and the Quarter. (See the map.)  

Let's show our appreciation to the drivers who support WWNO by donating their cars! If you want to donate your own vehicle, click on "Donate Your Vehicle" at!